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How to make coffee: 6 methods to brew an excellent cup of coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most loved and brewed drinks, and you know what that means? There are tons of ways to make it from the most simple to some truly fancy and impressive methods. Knowing the different ways to make coffee and what you can expect from each one can be a guide the next time you visit a gourmet coffee place or get your next coffee maker. Let’s take a journey into the universe of coffee. 

5 Basics of making a good cup of coffee 

  1. Use quality coffee beans
  2. Grind your coffee just before brewing to match your coffee making method  
  3. Start with cold filtered water when possible 
  4. Use a scale to get the right amount of coffee
  5. Keep your coffee maker and utensils clean 

The classics 

These are the coffee making methods that everyone knows, the most popular ones and you probably have one or more available at home. 

Espresso machine 

The classiest of the classics, the espresso is a strong coffee shot that wakes up all the senses and gives you all the power of coffee. You will need to grind your beans to finely for this one. It is also one of the more expensive methods since espresso machines can cost a pretty penny, still worth it for coffee lovers! 

  • Cup time: Fast, less than a minute 
  • Cup taste: Strong, full body coffee 
  • Extra: Add some hot water to make the classic Americano 
  • Coffee we recommend: Our special “Don Vito” espresso mix, also Robusta, Italian, Arabica  

Moka pot

The Moka pot is an iconic kitchen staple. Present in most homes since it started gaining popularity after the second world war. Like the espresso it is an Italian invention and another proof of that country’s love of coffee. 

  • Cup time: Fast, 5 minutes or so 
  • Cup taste: Strong, close to the espresso shot should be less bodied but sharp 
  • Extra: Your grind should be of course not fine, it may take some time to get it right so don’t worry!
  • Coffee we recommend: Espresso blends, dark roast, but even softer one like our Nut Nougat can be an excellent choice 

French Press 

The french press is a great choice for making coffee to share you can find these in formats for more than 6 cups at one. For this method you will need a more coarse grind of coffee, kind of like you see from loose leaf tea. 

  • Cup time: It takes around 10 minutes depending on how much you like to steep your coffee 
  • Cup taste: More sweet, round cup of coffee, you should be able to taste the notes in your cup
  • Extra: Be careful with the last sips of your cup it can have a bit of sediments from the brew
  • Coffee we recommend: A coffee full of flavor notes like our Costa Rica coffee “Volcán Azul”, and stay clear of the espresso mixes 
What types of coffee beans are there? Thousands but you can choose from three main distinctions espresso, flavourful and specialty blends

The innovators 

Coffee has been around a long time so there are a few new methods now available for coffee lovers. Maybe one these can be your new favorite. 


A more sophisticated cousin of the french press, it is sleek, more portable and great for traveler’s. Using a press method and the effect of air in the brew it makes for a super tasty cup. 

  • Cup time: Super fast, a minute 
  • Cup taste: More watery but still full body coffee
  • Extra: It doesn’t matter the grind you use, really, you can get different results with any grind but most with the aeropress 
  • Coffee we recommend: All work but we recommend full body and flavor coffees so you can get the most out of this method, we would try a coffee discovery set with 4 original blends!

Chemex brew 

This method has gained a lot of fans because not only does it result in excellent coffee, it also looks really cool. The stylish Chemex is a simple brew and filter method that creates an excellent cup and can be used to brew for more than one drinker at a time.  

  • Cup time: Pretty fast, around 3-5 minutes 
  • Cup taste: Rich full taste, little to no sediments 
  • Extra: Water should be just under boiling point 
  • Coffee we recommend: Tasty full of flavor blends, we would go with a Colombian coffee the Supremo La Ceiba


At first glance the V60 looks so simple, another filter and drip coffee maker. However, take a closer look and you will find its ingenious design allows for an interesting brew that has taken over the coffee world. Familiar but innovative. 

  • Cup time: 5 or more minutes 
  • Cup taste: Flavourful less bitter coffee clean and fresh 
  • Extra: You can work with a fine to medium grind
  • Coffee we recommend: High quality beans you really want to taste like our West Blue Java from Indonesia

What we couldn’t fit 

There are so many ways to make coffee, we couldn’t fit them all but here are a few honor mentions you can look into. 

  • Turkish coffee
  • Vietnamese drip filter 
  • Nitrous coffee 
  • The bee house dripper 
  • Vacuum pot 
  • Many more! 

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