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Best gifts for tea lovers

Gift ideas for tea lovers? We’ve got you, give the gift of a great cup of tea with great organic tea leaves, amazing accessories and thoughtful ideas

Tea is one of the best gifts , and even if they are not. Because drinking a tea that your friend got you or drinking in a gifted cup makes you think about that person even if just for a second, also you can’t go too wrong with a tea gift. If you have a tea lover in your life, or maybe someone you find really hard to gift to, someone you don’t know well, these tea gifts can come in handy to get them special details for any occasion. 

When can you give tea or tea accessories as gifts?

  • Birthdays 
  • Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday celebrations 
  • Mothers and Fathers day 
  • Housewarming 
  • For someone who is sick 
  • Baby announcements 
  • Just because 

The best thing about tea gifts is that you don’t have to be a tea fan to appreciate it. Most people love a cup of tea when they are sick, cold or looking to expand their drink menu. It is such a versatile drink that you can have hot or cold, and you can even make cocktails with tea

Their favorite organic tea 

The first type of tea gift you can make is, of course, tea. Getting an elevated more organic and specialty tea mix can really change the experience for the drinker. 

Better quality teas have stronger taste, clearer flavor notes and can make each cup of tea an experience to remember. We recommend asking what their favorite type of tea is and getting a more exciting version of the same. 

Instead of Earl Grey get → Earl Grey Céleste Organic with bergamot, blue cornflowers and sunflowers 

Instead of English Breakfast get → Organic English Breakfast tea carefully selected tea to elevate a classic

Tea gifts are easy to choose from what you know people like, what they don’t have and what they haven't tried yet

A mix tea sampler 

Another great tea gift is a mix sampler where you can explore multiple flavors of tea and discover new enjoyable mixes of leaves, flowers and more.  

You can choose to go with similar flavors that they prefer or go in the opposite direction and widen their tea horizon with new exotic options. 

Going for tradicional? Try an Rooibos Mix or a Green Tea Mix

Want something different? Get a Tea Discovery Mix with specialty made mixes 

New tea cups 

There are never enough tea cups for a real tea lover. A new teacup is one of the most popular gifts for tea lovers. Because they can be used both for tea, coffee or other drinks, depending on how strict you are with your cups, it’s also one of the most versatile gifts. 

You can get different style cups for different teas so you can base your selection on this, we also recommend choosing the one that matches style wise, since most people use the cups for different types of drinks. 

You can find various styles of cups at the Univers du Thé shop!

Containers for tea 

Containers might not be the sexiest gift you can give but it is one of the best and most useful. Help the tea lover in your life keep their teas fresh and lasting longer

Tea containers are especially made to secure the freshness of the tea and protect the leaves from the elements. You can choose from several sizes and presentations from simple metal to tea containers with cool designs

New teapot or kettle

Want to really impress a tea lover? Then get them a new kettle or teapot. These two are the priciest of the options on the list but also the ones that get the most use, and last the longest. 

A new tea kettle or new teapot is a lasting gift that will stay with them for a long time, it’s a great gift for a housewarming, wedding or birthday since it’s more significant and will be in use for a good while. 

Matcha accessories 

Matcha tea is one of the hottest trends for tea drinkers at the moment, and has even begun to replace coffee in some preferences. This green tea is a great source of caffeine and energy. However, you need a few accessories to properly make it at home. 

Getting matcha accessories are a great gift for those people always on top of trends and the ones looking to cut back on coffee with tea. 

Here are a few of the matcha accessories you can find at Univers du Thé

Japanese Organic Matcha 

A Chasen Whisk for Matcha 

Matcha Whisk Holder 

Handmade Matcha Bowl

Japanese Chashaku Bamboo measurer  

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