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  • Bourgeons de Rose

    It’s from beginning of June that rosebuds are picked. Naturally air-dried to preserve their color, their texture and perfume recreate […]

  • Camomille Matricaire

    Cultivated in Eastern Europe where the harvest takes place from May to June. The infusion which has bright yellow color, […]

  • Fenouil

    For the nursing mother , infusion with fennel is deemed help newborns having stomach pain . Its expectorant effect for […]

  • Greek Mountain Tea

    Very popular in Greece, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and North Macedonia, this infusion is generally prepared by boiling the stems, […]

  • Hibiscus

    Called “Sorrel of Guinea” but also known as bissap or carcadé, the hibiscus sabdariffa flowers are used to prepare the […]

  • Infusion cacao orange

    Suggestive of delicious chocolate-covered candied orange peel, this rich recipe combines the delicately acidic and fruity flavors of Madagascan cocoa […]

  • Japan Sobacha

    In Japanese, “Sobacha” means “buckwheat tea”, the roasted buckwheat grains are used in infusion. Buckwheat is recognized for its benefits […]

  • Luna Park

    A highly seducing blend composed of apple, pineapple, papaya, coconut, cinnamon, roasted almonds, cassis and pop corn !

  • Orange Zen

    Lemon balm, hawthorn, lemongrass, natural flavor of bergamot, poppy, scentless chamomile, flower petals, pieces of orange and bergamot are mixed […]

  • Perfect World

    The lovely, fruity scent and taste of Melissa combined with fresh and aromatic peppermint makes you forget the daily stress. […]

  • Princesse Ekaterina

    A luxurious recipe composed of sweet notes of verbena, slightly acidic notes of orange peel and punctuated by the freshness […]

  • Tisane Bali

    Sweet honey notes and linden and those fresh, lemony and sweet verbena comprise a mixture where the aromas of lychee, […]