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  • China Jasmin Tai Mu Long Organic

    ‘Dragon Eyes’: organically grown Chinese green tea characterised by a delicate aroma and a smooth, silky taste This tea has […]

  • China White Tea Jasmin

    After the selection of the leaves, they are left to dry under the sun with jasmine flowers. Then, the flowers […]

  • Extase

    This singular Chinese tea is generously composed with peach and jasmine. Sprinkled with white hibiscus flowers. Its infusion reveals a […]

  • Klimt

    A highly scented seducing blend of green and black teas with bergamot and vanilla. Enriched with blue mallow flowers and […]

  • Mandarin Jasmin Organic

    A classical highly scented Chinese green tea organically grown. The leaves are hand sorted and blended with fresh jasmine flowers. […]

  • Pai Mu Tan Mlle Beulemans

    An exceptional blend of ‘White Peony’ and floral note of jasmine green tea combined with fruity aromas of lychee, grapefruit, […]

  • Secret du Bouddha

    A Sencha green tea from China sun-drenched and flavoured with bergamot peel and garnished with jasmine blossoms. An exceptionally refreshing […]