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China Mandarin stuffed with Pu Erh


Weight30 g
Type of tea



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‘Xiao Qing Gan’ is Chinese green mandarin orange stuffed with ripe Pu’Ehr tea.

One of the most prestigious post-fermented teas in the world. This tea is grown in the province of Yunnan. Consisting exclusively of tawny-golden buds. In China it is considered as possessing medicinal qualities. It boosts the immune system, facilitates the digestion of fats, lowers cholesterol levels and helps to eliminate excess weight. The Pu Ehr combines aroma and a powerful earthy flavour. A tea which ages well. Formerly reserved for the emperor!


Every composition can be brewed at least 7 times in 0,5 liter teapot

Use boiling water for the first brewing, afterwards 85°. Each time you may infuse during 5’.

You may pierce the mandarin. A work of art!!!