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How to make a perfect cup of tea?

There’s nothing like mastering an everyday skill, being great at something useful that will come in handy often. That is why we want to teach you how to make the perfect cup of tea. A good cuppa is one of life’s best and most accessible pleasures. A warm comfort on a cold night, a helpful hand to fight insomnia, or a good companion for a late afternoon. 

Whenever and however you want to drink your tea, Univers du Thé is the place to get started. Not only are we one of the best organic tea stores in Brussels but we sell online to most of the EU, order your usual tea and try some of our original mixes from our boutique online tea store.

What do you need for a perfect cup of tea?

Let’s start with what you will need to make this perfect cup of tea, ingredients will vary according to your tastes and what type of tea you will be making but there is a starting point for it all. 

  • Tea in your preferred presentation. We recommend loose leaves for a more authentic, stronger flavor. 
  • Hot water from a kettle or the stove, etc. Another recommendation is to use fresh tap water over water that’s been sitting out for long and previously boiled water. 
  • A teapot, strainer, or other 

Top ways to brew tea 

There are multiple ways to make tea, as the tradition of tea has evolved in every culture with each country creating either a ritual or unique form to prepare their own tea. In this list we’ll take a look at the most commonly used methods to prepare tea and give you some insight on when to use each one. 


Teapots are one of the most common ways to make tea. A well-beloved item in many homes, finding the right teapot will many any tea drinker’s day. Some teapot comes with a strainer included while other requires the use of another accessory for straining the tea. There are usually 2 types of teapots. 

  • Glass

Glass teapots are wonderful because they allow you to see the tea. The transparency can help you determine how strong the tea will be and get it just right for your tastes. They are also quite efficient at retaining heat, ensuring a warm cup for a good amount of time. 

  • Iron 

Iron teapots are a great option for Asian teas, it’s one of the original ways those teas were prepared. Japanese iron teapots are also a great decorative item for any home. They retain heat amazingly which also makes them a good choice for black tea. 

Ball infuser 

Ball infusers are a good way to make tea for one person. It allows you to measure the leaves for an individual cup and strain them easily. 

Paper Stachel 

Paper tea bags are the most common and popular form of tea around the world. But you can now also get individual paper filters to make your own paper tea bags at home. This is a superior option because it allows you to use leave tea, organic mixes or even make your mix of tea. 

French press 

Many know the french press as a coffee-making method but you can also use it to make tea. It’s a great way to make tea for a group of people since you can make multiple cups at once. It’s also a great way to make iced tea, as you can prepare the hot tea and let it cool down in larger batches. 

Tea strainers 

Tea strainers are also a superb choice for brewing a perfect cup of tea. These handy tools allow you to steep the tea leaves and string your tea comfortably. Some cups come with a strainer set attached or you can buy a metallic tea strainer in almost any tea store. 

Different cultures make tea in multiple ways, however shopping for quality tea and a good steeping method are always important

What matters when making a great cup of tea? 

Now that you have the tools of tea-making ready, let’s talk about the factors that go into making a perfect cup of tea. 

Brewing temperature 

The water temperature is going to be key in your tea flavor turning out the way you want it to taste. The secret here is to boil and wait. If you don’t have a thermometer at hand, just boil your water and wait a few minutes for it to cool depending on the recommended temperature. Remember when water boils it reaches 100 degrees so take that as your starting point. 

Tea steeping time 

The other thing that will affect your perfect cup of tea is the steeping time. The longer it steeps the stronger the flavor and your best bet, in the beginning, is to follow what the teabag says. 

Tea leaves used 

The type of tea leaves used will have a huge impact on your tea. Organic loose leaves are preferred since they have a much more pure and stronger flavor. 

At Univers du Thé all our teas come with recommendations for making a great cup of tea. Because we want to ensure all our customers have the best tea experience available. Here are some of those tips.

How to brew a great cup of  Chamomile?

Steep time: 5-7 minutes

Water temperature: 90º

How to brew a great cup of Japanese Matcha? 

Steep time: 2-3 minutes

Water temperature: 80º

How to brew a great cup of English breakfast?

Steep time: 4-5 minutes

Water temperature: 95º

How to brew a great cup of Earl gray?

Steep time: 4-5 minutes

Water temperature: 90º

How to brew a great cup of Rooibos?

Steep time: 4-6 minutes

Water temperature: 95º

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