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Spices everyone should have

If you are a novice cook, just moved on your own for the first time or are looking to invest in your first spice cabinet, then you’ll find much use to this guide on spices everyone should have in their home. Use them to elevate your dishes and keep you stocked with great flavors for any occasion. 

Spices were once the key trade goods of the world, literally running international commerce and even being the reason for several spice wars to have control over their production and distribution. These powders, dried leaves and mixes hold the secret of flavor and good food, no wonder they were, and still are, considered so important. 

3 tips to use spices for beginners

  1. Use whole, organic spices when possible, this means stronger, more clear flavors. 
  2. Use spices in moderation, mix in your spices little by little so you don’t overwhelm the dish.
  3. Keep you spices in airtight containers, away from heat and light 


Cinnamon is one of the most versatile spices you can have in your spice rack. A good addition to both sweet and salty recipes, plus wonderful on its own. Use it to highlight baked goods, add warmth to dishes, even just adding it to your water for an extra boost of taste. 

From our shop we recommend: The Ceylon bark cinnamon 


A classic in any kitchen or recipe, pepper brings to life dishes with a strong note of flavor and character. This spice you will get a lot of use out of. Better to have in its whole format and grind it as needed. There are a few varieties of pepper, the classic black pepper and then white and red ones. You can mix and match as you like.  

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The 3 peppers mix, a balanced mixture of black pepper from Vietnam, white Muntok and pink berries from Madagascar. 


This is one of the silent star players of the seasoning world. Until you start cooking you won’t realize how many recipes call for oregano and how it’s such a staple in many cuisines. Use it to add a freshness to your meats, pastas, dressings and more. A really versatile leaf that will always add to a great final product. 

We recommend the fresh dried leaves or try our Italian Mix that has oregano, dried tomatoes and so much more!

Bay Leaves 

Bay leaves are one of the foundations of the cooking world and work in almost any salty dish, especially slow cooking onea. Add bay leaves to your rice, bolognese or stew for a taste of earthy goodness. 

We recommend the full bay leaves, these are easy to find in most supermarkets. 

Here are 7 spices you should have in your home to cook anything


Rosemary is not only a great taste note to add to your cooking, it’s one of the most aromatic spices you will find.

Capable of making any kitchen smell like a chef’s station. It’s a specially good spice for cooking meats and fish. Full of flavor but not taking over the main star and also great for stew and other recipes. 

We recommend having fresh leaves or dried mixes like our Guérande salt with Provence Herbs, a gourmet spice mix with delicate but powerful flavor notes including rosemary, bay leaves, saje, marjoram and more!


This root spice is a powerhouse amongst spices. Like cinnamon it’s great in both savory and sweet as well as on its own. A great flavor to throw in your recipes and as a standalone drink. Ginger adds a hot but tasty note to most dishes associated with a lot of the classic and loved asian foods. 

We recommend getting the rooter vegetables for cooking and drinks from our site try:


Curry mixes are the starting point of many excellent dishes.

Use them for meat, fish and vegetarian recipes from the spicy hot to the mild and sweet.

Having one of these mixes in your spice selection can help you cut cooking time and get recipes done in a flash. A one answer mix of all the spices is the solution for any kitchen. 

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