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The best teas to boost your immunity system

Winter, with its celebrations, cozy nights, and the occasional cold has arrived. The best way to prepare for the holidays is to boost your immune system so you can avoid getting sick and sitting out from any event. One of the most comforting and satisfying things you can do to help your immune system is drink tea. 

Tea is filled with many amazing health benefits from helping weight loss or aiding in sleep, and yes, boosting your immunity when you need it the most. A hot cup of tea not only helps your body stay warm. The teas we’ll show you below have qualities that give you more weapons to fight away colds and health problems.

Pro tip: know your tea shops 

Getting your tea from the right tea shop is essential. Go with real organic teas, sourced with care and made to give you the best tea experience, like Univers du Thé. The best part is, you can order online and still get the highest quality tea delivered at home

A classic chamomile 

This is one of the most used teas for medicinal purposes. A staple to have in your pantry for multiple reasons. Research on its many uses is still ongoing but some point out to it has antibacterial qualities, making it a prime tea for immunity boosting. 

Even when you already have a winter bug chamomile can help with:

  1. Digestive issues 
  2. Sleeping problems
  3. Inflammation 
  4. Headaches 
  5. Skin conditions 

The green power of matcha 

Matcha tea is one of the most popular teas at the moment. This green giant has long been a part of a medicinal tradition in Japan. Most teams don’t include drinking the leaves as part of the experience like matcha does. This tea is basically a different version of green tea. However, unlike traditional green tea, the leaves for matcha are grown away from sunlight for some weeks before being harvested, then they have the veins and stems removed and are ground into a fine powder.

This process makes matcha tea a powerful source of polyphenols, a specific type of antioxidant, that can be helpful in fighting free radicals that can cause infections and sickness. 

Matcha tea also stands out because of its high caffeine content, remember you are drinking the whole leaf in that powder. So, it can be used as a substitute for coffee. Plus it’s really versatile because it can be added to cakes and other foods. 

Other green teas

Simpler green teas or other mixes with green tea in them can help with immunity and cold prevention as well, thanks to having the same style of antioxidant in them. 

Powerful ginger tea 

Similar to chamomile Ginger’s power is its antimicrobial advantages. This can boost your body’s chances of fighting off microbes and infections, giving your immune system extra backup in the battle against the holiday cold season. 

Gingen in both tea and full form is also good for many other ailments, including:

  1. Menstrual pains 
  2. Inflammation 
  3. Migraines 
  4. Nausea 
  5. Motion sickness
the best teas to boost your immunity can be found many different mixes

Make it special with mixes 

If you want to try more bold flavors or feel like you already have enough of the taste of the teas lists, then you can try specialty tea mixes. The thing to keep an eye on is the teas mixed in it. If you want the same immunity benefits make sure your new mix includes one on the list above or other types of teas known for immunity. 

Here is a few more suggestions to complete your immunity-boosting tea list:

  1. Peppermint Teas, a classic holiday flavor 
  2. Turmeric Teas, more bitter but similar to ginger 
  3. White tea, green tea leaves that are harvested young. Good to keep caffeine intake low
  4. Hibiscus tea, rich in antioxidants but of a tart flavor 
  5. Goji berry tea, another good low caffeine option 

Add some licorice root

This has been a part of Chinese herbal medicine for millennia, and it adds a soft taste of sweetness to any tea it is added to. Licorice root is a powerhouse of immunity because it has both antioxidant and antibacterial benefits, making it a great addition to your winter drinks. 
Watch out for: Licorice root has to be consumed in moderation, do not consume multiple times a day or consecutively. Every one in a while is sufficient.

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